IXQUIC publishes 1 of every 3 articles submitted to us, on average. The peer review process is as follows:

1. On receipt of an article, a member of the Executive Editorial Board reads the work and checks for compliance with the basic publishing guidelines, adherence to the topic to be covered in the issue in which the article is expected to be included, and the inclusion of original ideas in the work that effectively contribute to academic knowledge.

2. Articles which pass the first reading/basic evaluation are then send to 3 different members of  the International Editorial Board for formal examining and recommendation for publishing or rejection. 

3. If an article is recommended for publication by the 3 examiners, it will be accepted for publication. The journal's Chief Editor will advise the author of the article via e-mail of the positive outcome.

4. If one or more examiners request that the article be improved upon, it will be sent back to the author with all the suggestions for improvement made by the examiners. It is up to the author to comply with all the changes requested and to resubmit the article on time.

5. If the author resubmits the article on time, it will be published after confirmation by one of the members of Executive Editorial board that all changes and improvements have been incorporated as requested by the examiners.  

6. Articles not recommended for publication by more than 1 examiner will not be published and an e-mail message will be sent to the author by the Chief Editor of the journal advising of the decision, which is final.